I consider myself a normal person and I’ve led a typical life.  Others might think different. I’ve been to university and I’ve been to jail so its been varied. I’ve been blessed to consider myself lucky in love and never struggled with money.

However my wife and i started arguing alot a few years ago. We were both party people and liked to party hard but always when it was convenient not to get in the way of family life. I though started taking things too far and it was getting noticeable.  I used all kind of excuses to have an argument so i could go off with some nutters. Not caring about my family wasn’t me but i couldn’t snap out of it. It was like i had a darkness that got into me that i couldn’t shake.

I got introduced to alternative medicine about 2 years ago. This was a massive turning point in my outlook to life. Even though it was a wonderful adventure it didn’t completely elevate the darkness. Then when i lost my mother and close friend in a short space of time and the start of this so called pandemic,  i did go into a very dark place. I convinced myself alcohol was there to help me sleep and even though i knew i was lying to myself i drank heavy. Not all the time but when i did I’d go days not remembering a thing. I had friends and family asking me to seek help but i knew modern medicine wouldn’t work.

I’ve known Rob for many years and knew about his work. It was an intense few hours.

You can analyse why it works but its pointless. As far as im concerned it works. That darkness that I’d never be able to explain to a doctor has gone. For years i fought it. Waking up and not having a horrible cloud hanging over me is lush.  I am well aware it could come back as i did abuse my mind and body for many years. All I’m grateful for is the moment. The past is the past. I left it behind.