Our approach to healing PTSD is causal; locating, identifying and treating the root causes of trauma, as opposed to attempting to cure and manage the symptoms of trauma.

Our primary intention is to establish a comprehensive, highly effective, ‘gold standard’ healing program focused on the treatment of UK based war vets with PTSD and combat based traumas. In order for recovery and resolution of trauma to occur, reprogramming, remapping of internal systems, and rewiring of brain function needs to be carried out, over an extended period of time to ensure lasting healing and permanent transformation.

The core treatment offered in this program is deep healing with the best Western natropathic medicine and shamanic healing from the Onanya, indigenous healers of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. The age-old healing traditions of the Shipibo people offer an ancient yet pioneering path to health, re-discovering our true nature and re-awakening to our true purpose. We will synthesis the best of Traditional Amazonian Medicine with the most progressive and effective medical and therapeutic protocols in the UK, led by highly respected medical professionals working in a variety of specialist fields.

Shamanic HealingHealing the Spiritual and Energetic Levels

The shamanic healer’s talents, like those of the Western trained physician, lie in diagnosis–in the discovery of the identity and the energetic nature of illness and disorder. But unlike our modern Western doctors, shamanic healers can also empower their client dramatically, divine their illnesses’ ultimate root causes while in an expanded state of awareness, clear them at their spiritual and energetic levels, and prevent their reoccurrence by utilizing the assistance of compassionate forces poised to help us just beyond the borders of this physical world we all take so much for granted.

Shamanic healers see that residual energy, that comes as a result of traumatic experiences, gets trapped and persists in the body and is expressed in a wide variety of symptoms: anxiety, depression, sadness, disassociation, fear, panic, and other psychosomatic and behavioural problems.

These symptoms are signals from our mind and body that there is undischarged residual energy that needs to be addressed and cleaned. If we don’t deal with this energy and ignore the warning signs, disorders arise and dis-ease will then often manifest as a final warning system.

Specialist Medical and Therapeutic Support in the UK

The energetic and soul level healing work carried out by the Onanya of the Amazon needs to be combined with a comprehensive approach to restore the veterans’ physical health. WOTW works with a group of highly reputable and well-established medical professionals in the UK who will focus on the restoration of physical health primarily through a ‘food as medicine’ protocol that will run for the duration of the WOTW program, as well as additional healthcare practices and lifestyle improvements that will support the recovery of veterans and their return to health and happiness.




I was introduced to rob through a friend who thought rob could possibly help me. I’m so glad to say that six months later here I am writing a review for robs website so people can see there is hope…I cannot speak highly enough of rob and his therapeutic treatment.

That darkness that I’d never be able to explain to a doctor has gone. For years i fought it. Waking up and not having a horrible cloud hanging over me is lush.  I am well aware it could come back as i did abuse my mind and body for many years. All I’m grateful for is the moment. The past is the past. I left it behind.

I was able to process and cleanse the trauma and pain, from both my adult life and childhood, in way I couldn’t with the treatments I had received before. Upon completion of the work I felt as if I was flying, with the anger and pain lifting like a giant weight off my shoulders.

Still in the early stages of this new light I have inside me but with constant communication and absolute trust in Rob and his knowledge and techniques that I have now too, which has all managed me to be drug free for over 4 weeks and never felt better in myself. Even family and friends can see the massive change in me.

My experience was one of the best I have ever had and I am able to take myself back to that safe place as and when I need. The work they do is mind blowing and makes you truly understand what it is to be alive. I thank you Rob for your time and the opportunity to help me mend and for my sanity.

I have no black days whatsoever. I wake up excited about life and I sleep with no fears or worries. In fact my life grows insanely better with each day. I have so much more optimistic views and positivity. I was living in black and white. Now I have life back in glorious technicolour and a true reason to live.