We are a group of veterans who have lived through the deep and soul-destroying effects of trauma after years in the field. After struggling, with little help and improvement, we came in touch with the indigenous Shamans in Peru and Mamos in Columbia. After months of intensive healing with these indigenous people of South America, we have been able to free ourselves from the effects of PTSD and now live full lives, free of the debilitating symptoms. Our personal experience of such deep transformation has inspired us to develop programs for veterans in collaboration with the best that modern medicine has to offer with traditional indigenous healers of Peru and Columbia. 

Our goal is to offer the single most effective, gold standard healing solution to veterans who are caught in a cycle of horrifying emotions and plagued by the mental scars of war.

This comprehensive healing program will shine a light into a dark shadow that has been cast over our current understanding of mental health, and appropriately raise awareness about ancient medical practices that will offer much needed solutions to the pandemic of psychological and emotional health issues faced throughout the modern society.

While plant medicine healing, diets, and practices will be crucial in your healing, ultimately there is no one general path, specific prescription or overall cure that will work for everyone. Our approach catalyses a deeply personal process; a journey of healing and awakening that enables you to find the stillness and innate wisdom within yourself.

No one other than you can rediscover your own true nature. This is fundamental. However, there are expert healers, teachers, and guides who can support you on this profound journey of self-remembrance.

The Way of the Warriors program helps you to navigate through the uncharted waters of your own subconscious narratives. Supported by indigenous and contemporary healing practices, self-sabotaging views and limiting beliefs are brought to light within you, leading to breakthroughs and realisations that support you to significantly shift your perceptions about yourself, others, and the world around you.

There is no predetermined path of healing, our approach is to support you to walk forwards on a unique and unmapped path that is informed by the wisdom of your soul, guided by the intelligence of nature, and inspired by the source of creation.

The path only exists when the warrior looks back on the unique journey that they have taken. It is not a function of time nor is it driven by the knowledge and beliefs that you have inherited and that exist outside of you. It is within you, available to you at any moment. All you need is the honesty, integrity, courage, vulnerability, and patience to be in awareness of yourself.

Our Partners

The Temple is located in the Peruvian Amazon and has safely provided ayahuasca healing to over 10,000 participants over the last 13 years. The Temple has become well known and independently recognized as one of the safest, most reputable, and most effective healing centers in the world.

The Way of the Warrior healing program includes a one month ‘master plant’ healing dieta at Shipibo Rao, a Shipibo owned center run by Maestro José Sanchez Lopez.. The plant dieta is the most effective traditional Amazonian process for deep healing, that truly reaches into the tap roots of trauma.

ICEERS is a charitable non-profit organization with United Nations consultative status. ICEERS has worked for over a decade around the challenges and opportunities related to the globalization of diverse cultural practices related to ayahuasca, iboga and other ethnobotanicals and the knowledge systems they are part of.