The Way of the Warriors is blessed with the support of many gifted individuals. While their areas of expertise vary, they are all alike in one important respect: They have all dedicated their lives to the service of others.

Lowell Riezouw

At the age of 28, a profound breakdown led Lowell to seek healing in deep meditation and the study of esoteric sciences. It was the transformational treatment by a body-orientated psychotherapist that inspired him to train as a therapist himself.

Following years of study and practice with renowned teachers in England, Switzerland and India, Lowell created Zenergetics.  Zenergetics aims to tackle the underlying problem. Through the expert application of bioresonance, radionics, homeopathy and psychotherapy, Lowell creates an individualized plan to resolve the disturbing factors at every level of expression.

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Khalid completed a medical degree from Prague, Czech Republic in 2016. He then worked as a doctor in Malta for two years during which time he also came across the Wim Hof Method, a proven scientific practice based on three pillars of breathing, cold exposure and mindset.

The power of conscious breathing triggered a profound transformation deep within himself. No longer satisfied with the limitations of the allopathic medical model in treating chronic disease, he took a two year hiatus from doctor training to pursue other things – ayahuasca, plant medicines ,Ayurveda and breathing. He discovered that the roots of many diseases were far deeper than what he was taught at medical school.

Since then he has become a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and is currently training to become a GP within the NHS. His intention is to bring more healing to more people by bridging the gap between western medicine and spirit – one breath at a time.

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Sarah is a practicing Osteopath and Lecturer, who currently runs her practice outside Hereford.  Specialising in trauma, she has developed her tool-box of expertise over the past 30 years.

After surviving an accident and 9 hour swim off the coast of Kenya in 1980 where two men were sadly lost, Sarah made a promise to one day give something back to the two men who drowned after being life saved for 8 hours.

Sarah went on to live in Northern Malawi where her partner was involved in a project introducing sail to Lake Malawi.  Having lost her sense of humour and appetite for sailing for the time being, she joined an American Peace Corps Nurse setting up bush clinics where she got her first taste of ‘real hands on medicine’.  Seeing the difference made to the indigenous people by using their brains and hands, she was determined one day to build a tool-box of expertise and ultimately treat people suffering from trauma.

Training in Osteopathylaid the foundation followed by studying acupuncture, Neurolingisctic Programming and Hydro Osteopathy, specialising in treating trauma.

Sarah has practiced in Harley Street, Ischia, Kenya, Shetland and had clinics in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.  She lectured in Osteopathy and Health Care at Oxford Brookes and Swansea Universities and now mentors students and new graduates.

“I am thrilled to be invited to join this team and look forward immensely to sharing my style of practice with others.”

p.s:  (Sarah went back to Kenya in 2007 after the post election violence.  As part of a humanitarian medical team in Kibera, the slum that wraps itself around Nairobi, she fulfilled that promise to give back which set her on the road to recovery herself).

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Claude Guislain

Claude Guislain

Claude is a licensed Anthropologist by the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles-Brussels). He graduated with honors (Grande Distinction) by defending a research about westerners’ use of ayahuasca and shamanism in Iquitos (2005-2008). Not interested in an academic career, Claude continued his own independent research and developed powerful skills to bridge amazonian indigenous medical systems for modern ailments, facilitating and participating in the healing processes of thousands of people along more than ten years dedicated to supporting both indigenous healers and western patients and explorers.
Working closely with the Shipibo since 2013, Claude helped the Lopez family to build and start running their own healing center Niwerao Xobo. Claude has been a facilitator and team member of the Temple of the Way of Light since 2015. He has also been developing relationships and partnerships with spiritual representatives from the Arhuaco tribe (Mamos) in Colombia since 2012 as well as networking with other indigenous leaders and wisdom keepers mainly from around the Amazon in Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

Spanish (Native), English, French, Portuguese

Roderick is co-founder of the London College of Naturopathic medicine, which was acknowledged as offering one of the best Naturopathic training tuitions in Europe. He is considered one of England’s leading practitioners of natural medicine. Roderick has a keen interest in natural product design and has designed products for several of the leading nutrition companies within the UK including the award-winning and best-selling products Spectrumzyme, Polyzymeforte and Milk Thistle Complex-Tea. He is also a lecturer, teacher and author.

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