Following military service, I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and depression in 2015. I was led to believe a combination of medication and Western treatments were the answer.

Over the next 5 years I received multiple types of therapy, including EMDR, CBT, ACT, Mindfulness and participated in a trial for 3MDR.  I also tried a vast array of different medications to try and suppress the PTSD symptoms and pain from physical injuries. These were medications such as Fluoxitine, Sertraline, Prazosin, Quetiapine, Mirtazapine, Amitriptyline, Diazepam, Gabapentin, Pregablin, Codeine Phosphate as well as sleep medications such as Zopiclone.

Despite the best efforts of the well intentioned and caring professionals helping me, none of the treatments had an affect. The PTSD symptoms became worse and more debilitating. The high levels of medication also contributed to de-humanising me even more and stripping me of any spark and motivation. I felt I was no longer the strong person I once was.

After being batted back and forth between different veterans charities and organisations, I had reached a point of complete darkness, unable to feel love, happiness or joy. My personality, sense of humour and spirit felt like it was gone, replaced completely by anger, pain and paranoia. Unable to sleep, leave the house, connect with others and be in the present I felt utterly lost and hopeless. It felt like my life was over and the only thing left was to end it.

This is when I was introduced to Rob and The Way of the Warriors. What has followed has been the most incredible 3 months of my life. At the end of October 2020 Rob introduced me to the work of the Colombian Mamos and how they could help. I fully committed to the work required of me, which was the catalyst to this amazing journey. The Mamos helped me find my inner healer, reconnect with my spirituality in a positive way and reconnect with nature. I was able to process and cleanse the trauma and pain, from both my adult life and childhood, in way I couldn’t with the treatments I had received before. Upon completion of the work I felt as if I was flying, with the anger and pain lifting like a giant weight off my shoulders.

At the end of November 2020 I then attended the first 2 week retreat. There I learned about nutrition, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, how to change your inner-dialogue and multiple other tools from brilliant and caring professionals. I also participated in hot and cold detox therapy and received amazing holistic healings from incredible healers, who helped me dispel and release so much of the pain and blocked emotion which had become entrenched deep inside me. I learned a huge amount about myself and for the first time I was able to connect in a beautiful way with amazing people. I began to laugh and smile again and sleep gradually began to improve.

The work I need to do is by no means over, but thanks to Rob and The Way of the Warriors I have rediscovered my spark and have great excitement for the future. I’m looking forward to the next phase of my journey with them, including going to South America for work with Ayahuasca. Not only has the work with the Mamos and the work at the retreat helped me to begin healing, it has also helped me grow as a person and to transcend the PTSD, depression and pain.

I am now completely off all the medication and free from the straight jacket it put me in. My life is now on the right path and gaining purpose. I can now feel positive emotions and no longer feel like a zombie.

I have now not only been able to reclaim my life but feel reborn, for that words can’t express my gratitude to all the people involved..




So for as long as I can think of struggling in my mind and with the diagnosis of MDD and PTSD over the last year while ingesting a concoction of whatever different pills the doctors could give me at the time to keep me ticking over but inside loosing a constant battle each day getting worse and worse and taking more and more.

I was being handed off being promised one treatment to fix me that never came while sending me on CBT over and over until one day I was told too ring Rob and we had a long chat. A couple of weeks later I had the pleasure of meeting him and an amazing team along his side. This is where I was introduced to a new way of looking at everything and WOW!

Still in the early stages of this new light I have inside me but with constant communication and absolute trust in Rob and his knowledge and techniques that I have now too, which has all managed me to be drug free for over 4 weeks and never felt better in myself. Even family and friends can see the massive change in me. All I can see the only way from here is up and can only thank Rob for the honour of helping me from the bottom of my heart. ♥︎



For the first time in over ten years I am free from the constraints of managing my moods with prescribed medication. In fact, I have to admit I was a slave to the pills, the panic i would feel if I was running short eventually overtook the reason I was on them in the first place, until I was taught to take my power back and let go of my fear.

I have struggled with an ongoing battle to manage my mental health since my late teens brought on from early childhood traumatic experiences.

I am now nearly fifty and and am finally free, I had asked my GP for years to help me but all they suggested was a stronger dosage,and said ‘why stop if they work’ !

I was introduced to the work of the Mamos by Rob who cleared my space for them to work their magic through a higher consciousness connection. I had already started reducing my medication and was helped to let go of my fear and raise my vibration to heal. It has been hard and I still have to put the work in to keep my emotions in check.

My experience was one of the best I have ever had and I am able to take myself back to that safe place as and when I need. The work they do is mind blowing and makes you truly understand what it is to be alive. I thank you Rob for your time and the opportunity to help me mend and for my sanity.



I was given life threatening diagnosis 6 months ago along with losing my mother the same time. I was given a week to live by one consultant and two weeks by another. to say I did not know my head from my elbow or which way to turn would be the understatement of my life.

I was introduced to rob through a friend who thought rob could possibly help me. I’m so glad to say that six months later here I am writing a review for robs website so people can see there is hope. rob truly inspired me to think positive and March forward with my life. his therapies are somewhat different to what any traditional doctor would prescribe and are somewhat challenging but please believe rob is with you 100percent and he will see you right through. he still rings me every week to check on me and constantly encourages me (what a guy ).

To anyone thinking of trying robs therapy I say please do. it has helped me tremendously and I’m positive it will you too. I cannot speak highly enough of rob and his therapeutic treatment. thank you rob. your an hero




I consider myself a normal person and I’ve led a typical life.  Others might think different. I’ve been to university and I’ve been to jail so its been varied. I’ve been blessed to consider myself lucky in love and never struggled with money.

However my wife and i started arguing alot a few years ago. We were both party people and liked to party hard but always when it was convenient not to get in the way of family life. I though started taking things too far and it was getting noticeable.  I used all kind of excuses to have an argument so i could go off with some nutters. Not caring about my family wasn’t me but i couldn’t snap out of it. It was like i had a darkness that got into me that i couldn’t shake.

I got introduced to alternative medicine about 2 years ago. This was a massive turning point in my outlook to life. Even though it was a wonderful adventure it didn’t completely elevate the darkness. Then when i lost my mother and close friend in a short space of time and the start of this so called pandemic,  i did go into a very dark place. I convinced myself alcohol was there to help me sleep and even though i knew i was lying to myself i drank heavy. Not all the time but when i did I’d go days not remembering a thing. I had friends and family asking me to seek help but i knew modern medicine wouldn’t work.

I’ve known Rob for many years and knew about his work. It was an intense few hours.

You can analyse why it works but its pointless. As far as im concerned it works. That darkness that I’d never be able to explain to a doctor has gone. For years i fought it. Waking up and not having a horrible cloud hanging over me is lush.  I am well aware it could come back as i did abuse my mind and body for many years. All I’m grateful for is the moment. The past is the past. I left it behind.



As a businessman with family and staff who depend on me, in the public eye with a TV and social media following, few know of my battle with mental health. Everyone knows my successes and highs but few would know of the crippling lows and the toll of my periodic psychosis and the daily reminder of the deaths of my father and brother who took their own lives. The happy-go-lucky frontman in me covered up for years and years of overwhelming anguish, anxiety, depression and my own suicide attempts.

 Only my inner circle really know the back story behind the front and I know how much I worried them. That’s why I tried every therapy private and public health could offer, as well as a few alternative therapies thrown in. I had all but given up, resigned to my demons and waiting for the next low to wrack through me.

 And it was as such I was recommended to a man named Rob. His is an unconventional therapy, which on first sight came across as unorthodox and possibly whacky, but appealing as it mixed spiritual, physical and cerebral.

Rob’s therapy was as tough, demanding and challenging as anything I’d ever done, physically and mentally. It’s so personal that it has to remain personal.

 But I have to say something to others who might be in the black hole or living with the black dog like I was. So I say how I feel now.

 I have no black days whatsoever. I wake up excited about life and I sleep with no fears or worries. In fact my life grows insanely better with each day. I have so much more optimistic views and positivity. I was living in black and white. Now I have life back in glorious technicolour and a true reason to live.

 I’d tried everything and was prepared to try anything. I’m so glad I tried Rob, which is why the least I can do is to say so for anyone else out there who might be where I was. The Way of the Warriors has truly helped me turned my life around.

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