As a businessman with family and staff who depend on me, in the public eye with a TV and social media following, few know of my battle with mental health. Everyone knows my successes and highs but few would know of the crippling lows and the toll of my periodic psychosis and the daily reminder of the deaths of my father and brother who took their own lives. The happy-go-lucky frontman in me covered up for years and years of overwhelming anguish, anxiety, depression and my own suicide attempts.

 Only my inner circle really know the back story behind the front and I know how much I worried them. That’s why I tried every therapy private and public health could offer, as well as a few alternative therapies thrown in. I had all but given up, resigned to my demons and waiting for the next low to wrack through me.

 And it was as such I was recommended to a man named Rob. His is an unconventional therapy, which on first sight came across as unorthodox and possibly whacky, but appealing as it mixed spiritual, physical and cerebral.

Rob’s therapy was as tough, demanding and challenging as anything I’d ever done, physically and mentally. It’s so personal that it has to remain personal.

 But I have to say something to others who might be in the black hole or living with the black dog like I was. So I say how I feel now.

 I have no black days whatsoever. I wake up excited about life and I sleep with no fears or worries. In fact my life grows insanely better with each day. I have so much more optimistic views and positivity. I was living in black and white. Now I have life back in glorious technicolour and a true reason to live.

 I’d tried everything and was prepared to try anything. I’m so glad I tried Rob, which is why the least I can do is to say so for anyone else out there who might be where I was. The Way of the Warriors has truly helped me turned my life around.