So for as long as I can think of struggling in my mind and with the diagnosis of MDD and PTSD over the last year while ingesting a concoction of whatever different pills the doctors could give me at the time to keep me ticking over but inside loosing a constant battle each day getting worse and worse and taking more and more.

I was being handed off being promised one treatment to fix me that never came while sending me on CBT over and over until one day I was told too ring Rob and we had a long chat. A couple of weeks later I had the pleasure of meeting him and an amazing team along his side. This is where I was introduced to a new way of looking at everything and WOW!

Still in the early stages of this new light I have inside me but with constant communication and absolute trust in Rob and his knowledge and techniques that I have now too, which has all managed me to be drug free for over 4 weeks and never felt better in myself. Even family and friends can see the massive change in me. All I can see the only way from here is up and can only thank Rob for the honour of helping me from the bottom of my heart. ♥︎