Following military service, I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and depression in 2015. I was led to believe a combination of medication and Western treatments were the answer.

Over the next 5 years I received multiple types of therapy, including EMDR, CBT, ACT, Mindfulness and participated in a trial for 3MDR.  I also tried a vast array of different medications to try and suppress the PTSD symptoms and pain from physical injuries. These were medications such as Fluoxitine, Sertraline, Prazosin, Quetiapine, Mirtazapine, Amitriptyline, Diazepam, Gabapentin, Pregablin, Codeine Phosphate as well as sleep medications such as Zopiclone.

Despite the best efforts of the well intentioned and caring professionals helping me, none of the treatments had an affect. The PTSD symptoms became worse and more debilitating. The high levels of medication also contributed to de-humanising me even more and stripping me of any spark and motivation. I felt I was no longer the strong person I once was.

After being batted back and forth between different veterans charities and organisations, I had reached a point of complete darkness, unable to feel love, happiness or joy. My personality, sense of humour and spirit felt like it was gone, replaced completely by anger, pain and paranoia. Unable to sleep, leave the house, connect with others and be in the present I felt utterly lost and hopeless. It felt like my life was over and the only thing left was to end it.

This is when I was introduced to Rob and The Way of the Warriors. What has followed has been the most incredible 3 months of my life. At the end of October 2020 Rob introduced me to the work of the Colombian Mamos and how they could help. I fully committed to the work required of me, which was the catalyst to this amazing journey. The Mamos helped me find my inner healer, reconnect with my spirituality in a positive way and reconnect with nature. I was able to process and cleanse the trauma and pain, from both my adult life and childhood, in way I couldn’t with the treatments I had received before. Upon completion of the work I felt as if I was flying, with the anger and pain lifting like a giant weight off my shoulders.

At the end of November 2020 I then attended the first 2 week retreat. There I learned about nutrition, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, how to change your inner-dialogue and multiple other tools from brilliant and caring professionals. I also participated in hot and cold detox therapy and received amazing holistic healings from incredible healers, who helped me dispel and release so much of the pain and blocked emotion which had become entrenched deep inside me. I learned a huge amount about myself and for the first time I was able to connect in a beautiful way with amazing people. I began to laugh and smile again and sleep gradually began to improve.

The work I need to do is by no means over, but thanks to Rob and The Way of the Warriors I have rediscovered my spark and have great excitement for the future. I’m looking forward to the next phase of my journey with them, including going to South America for work with Ayahuasca. Not only has the work with the Mamos and the work at the retreat helped me to begin healing, it has also helped me grow as a person and to transcend the PTSD, depression and pain.

I am now completely off all the medication and free from the straight jacket it put me in. My life is now on the right path and gaining purpose. I can now feel positive emotions and no longer feel like a zombie.

I have now not only been able to reclaim my life but feel reborn, for that words can’t express my gratitude to all the people involved..