I was given life threatening diagnosis 6 months ago along with losing my mother the same time. I was given a week to live by one consultant and two weeks by another. to say I did not know my head from my elbow or which way to turn would be the understatement of my life.

I was introduced to rob through a friend who thought rob could possibly help me. I’m so glad to say that six months later here I am writing a review for robs website so people can see there is hope. rob truly inspired me to think positive and March forward with my life. his therapies are somewhat different to what any traditional doctor would prescribe and are somewhat challenging but please believe rob is with you 100percent and he will see you right through. he still rings me every week to check on me and constantly encourages me (what a guy ).

To anyone thinking of trying robs therapy I say please do. it has helped me tremendously and I’m positive it will you too. I cannot speak highly enough of rob and his therapeutic treatment. thank you rob. your an hero