For the first time in over ten years I am free from the constraints of managing my moods with prescribed medication. In fact, I have to admit I was a slave to the pills, the panic i would feel if I was running short eventually overtook the reason I was on them in the first place, until I was taught to take my power back and let go of my fear.

I have struggled with an ongoing battle to manage my mental health since my late teens brought on from early childhood traumatic experiences.

I am now nearly fifty and and am finally free, I had asked my GP for years to help me but all they suggested was a stronger dosage,and said ‘why stop if they work’ !

I was introduced to the work of the Mamos by Rob who cleared my space for them to work their magic through a higher consciousness connection. I had already started reducing my medication and was helped to let go of my fear and raise my vibration to heal. It has been hard and I still have to put the work in to keep my emotions in check.

My experience was one of the best I have ever had and I am able to take myself back to that safe place as and when I need. The work they do is mind blowing and makes you truly understand what it is to be alive. I thank you Rob for your time and the opportunity to help me mend and for my sanity.