The Way of the Warriors is very proud to be working with The Temple of the Way of Light. The Temple is located in the Peruvian Amazon and was established in 2007. Having safely provided ayahuasca healing for over 10,000 in the last 13 years, the Temple has become well known as one of the safest, most reputable, and most effective healing centers in the world.

Between 2015 and 2018, an independent research study was carried out with over 500 participants. The preliminary results are outstanding, most specifically showing statistically significant and lasting healing outcomes after treating depression, anxiety, grief, and PTSD.

The Way of the Warriors healing program will begin with a 12-day ayahuasca workshop at the Temple, followed by a 3-day integration workshop, then a 1-month ‘master plant’ healing dieta.

The month long dieta will take place at Shipibo Rao, a Shipibo owned center run by Maestro José Sanchez Lopez.

After experiencing deep cleaning and clearing during the 12-day ayahuasca retreat, veterans will then take an even deeper dive into their healing process through the dieta. The plant dieta is the most effective traditional Amazonian process for deep healing, that truly reaches into the tap roots of trauma. In order to safely and effectively carry out a dieta, it is necessary to undergo cleansing first with ayahuasca and the healers clearing the first layers of dense energies, bring the first stages of energetic alignment to the participants, to then be able to drop into the deep levels of the healing process that a plant dieta then provides.

The veterans will spend 1.5 months in the Amazon, experiencing the highest level of healing available which will catalyze a new beginning for each of the participants. This powerful combination will then be followed up by doctors and therapists in the UK for a further 6 months, to support the vets with processing and integrating their healing experience, and providing ongoing nutritional support, the ‘food as medicine’ protocol, body work, multiple complementary therapies, and an overall restoration program.

Note: The Temple of the Way of Light is a spiritual healing centre, not a medical facility and no healthcare is practiced under their direction. Their staff are not healthcare professionals and do not practice western healthcare of any form. The Temple does not offer medical advice, diagnosis, prescription, or administer or apply any means destined as healthcare.